BERO Center


The BERO in Oberhausen is situated only a few hundred metres from the city centre, and for the last forty years it has been a successful local shopping centre.

Despite growing competition in recent and despite the existence of Centro Oberhausen, BERO enjoys great popularity its secret: the BERO has never lost its character as a local supplier it is also a place for communication, a place that people can identify with, that makes them feel at home.

Now the BERO Shopping Mall is about to be modernised and extended up to the main access road, the Concordiastrasse, indicated here by the red line. The blue line outlines the area of the new multi-storey car park, located at the south of the expanded centre, with space for approx. 900 cars.


Extension and modernisation

While the extension work is carried out, the BERO Mall will also be subjected to extensive modernisation.

„Once it has all been completed, it will be ONE CENTRE, sustainably competitive in the market.” This is the slogan put out by the investors, Zenprop (investment company, South Africa) and the client, Kintyre Investments, Frankfurt.


Successful refurbishment

MESA was assigned to perform development and planning activities. „In contrast to a new development, we need to learn the history of the centre, understand it, and incorporate it in the planning of the modernisation. Because a centre´s history is characterised by its customers this must be taken into consideration for the refurbishment to be successful” Bernhard Reiser, Architect.

Following the successful expansion, the BERO Mall will give a whole new and lively character to the roadside area along the Concordiastrasse, playing an essential role in urbanising the city´s structure.


Architecture as branding

The selected architecture will give the somewhat forlorn old building a new face and a highly presentable image.

The spectacular night-image architecture underlines the address of the site and guides the BERO brand into a new future. A good example of architecture as branding.


Integrated food court

More than just coffee: In the new BERO Mall, before moving on to coffee, shoppers can enjoy lunch, perhaps a pizza or a vegetarian dish, maybe with an ice cream or a freshly squeezed orange juice, or whatever else they desire.

The aim is for the BERO to continue the forty-year-old tradition as a place to meet, talk, and feel good. A sense of home for the local inhabitants.


New sheen for Oberhausen

Once the modernisation and extension are complete, the BERO Mall will radiate a new sheen, taking the local shopping centre into a new future, both for the local population and for the city of Oberhausen.

With approx. 18,000m² of new retail space, the BERO will now have a shopping area of approx. 42,000m², and will represent a new force on the market competitive and sustainable for a secure future.