Bit Galerie

The star among shopping centres.

The inspiration behind the Bit Galerie: „simply to create the best shopping centre in Germany”. Bernhard Reiser, Architect.


Core data

Excellent retail facilities. Extremely attractive walkways. Inviting architecture. Guaranteed sense of well-being.

Retail space
approx. 12,000m²
Parking space
approx. 340 spaces
approx. 30 million euros
FACO Immobilien
planned in 2018


Shopping in the Eifel

The Bit Galerie is the answer to the future demand for modern lifestyle shopping. The Bit Galerie combines shopping for everyday items with real consumer enjoyment. A social marketplace for the people of the Eifel. A meeting centre for communication, catering and events.

Bit Galerie, the city gallery: rich, unique and value-enhancing.


A milestone of architecture

Inspired by the golden-yellow barley landscape of the Eifel, the Bit Galerie sits comfortably within the cityscape of Bitburg. The goal: to emphasise the unique and atmospheric character of Bitburg, to generate attraction and to enhance the value of Bitburg.

You could call the Bit Galerie „an architectural milestone in gold”.


The unique Bit Galerie. The Bitburg brand.

Fully in line with our motto ‘MESA creates urban masterpieces’, the Bit Galerie is absolutely unique. The architecture takes up Bitburg´s intrinsic values along with the wonderful Eifel landscape, bringing the two together to form a unique brand the Bitburg brand.