City Carree

The „City Carree” shopping centre in Salzgitter:
From the initial concept to turnkey completion a masterpiece designed by architect Bernhard Reiser.

Retail space
approx. 20,000m²
approx. 600 parking spaces
Investment volume
approx. 35 million euros
Strabag Real Estate
June 2008


Perfect urban integration

With activities including catering, clothing, media, pharmacies, food retailers and banks, the City Carree offers a perfect spectrum and is excellently integrated into the existing retail landscape around the shopping centre.


More than just shopping

The City Carree shopping centre taps into the spirit of modern lifestyle shopping, enriching life in the inner city. Clearly more than just shopping but also a way of experiencing, enjoying and taking one´s time.


Shop. Experience. Enjoy.

You could simply say that the City Carree is the place where people in Salzgitter just feel comfortable and are in no hurry to leave.

The City Carree: a meeting place for young and old.


Added value for Salzgitter

The City Carree not only features attractive walkways but its carefully coordinated mixture of retail units means that the shopping centre attracts people like a magnet.

The City Carree: genuine added value for Salzgitter.


The ‘red wave’

When you are in Salzgitter just ask for the ‘red wave’ and anyone will be able to tell you the way to the unique City Carree centre.