Information for investors

MESA develops and realises highly attractive shopping centres with magnetic attraction. Shopping centres that revitalise city centres and strengthen the retail sector.

For investors, this means: highly attractive sales rooms and premium rent spaces with first-class returns. Just a couple of examples: the City Carree in Salzgitter and the Bit Galerie in Bitburg.

MESA draws on more than twenty years of experience. Concentrated know-how, specialist expertise, and all-round, interdisciplinary project management form the competence pool in all matters relating to shopping centres.

Altogether, over the last twenty years, architects and engineers from 1997 employees and shareholders of MESA have contributed to the development, planning and realisation of more than 60 projects, with an investment volume of approx. 1.2 billion euros and premium retail space amounting to approx. 750,000m. It is this know-how in the development and realisation of commercial properties that forms the foundation of the work we do for our investors.

MESA – for shrewd investors with a keen sense.