FORUM Landsberger Allee

Modern retail space integrated into a business building complex.

The new "FORUM Landsberger Allee" interlinks modern business atmosphere with a comprehensive shopping experience.
Bernhard Reiser, architect.


The Project

The "FORUM Landsberger Allee" will undergo a complete refurbishment. We are creating a modern, bright, light-flooded shopping area – the ideal place to "stay for a while". The office units will be fully modernized. Finaly a new facade and a new, attractive entrance hall will give the new FORUM a real magnet effect.

Thus: modern business units interlinked with a perfect lifestyle shopping experience.

Investor Kintyre Investments             Investor Peakside


FORUM Landsberger Allee


  • Complete refurbishment
  • Modernization of 3.200m² business space
  • Construction of 5.000m² retail space for shopping
  • Integrated hotel with 120 rooms
  • Brand new integrated health center
  • Parking space with 325 lots


Investor Kintyre Investments             Investor Peakside