Gemini Plaza, Limburg

Gemini Plaza

„A new place is born ...”

Gemini Plaza

The Gemini Plaza forms a new place with a distinctive, sophisticated character with real value. It forms a new entrance to the city of Limburg, creates urbanity and provides lasting impulses for future urban development.


Initial situation

Limburg, city center entrance west: the "common" urban disorder, unsightly commercial settlements, vacant lots and old, vacant buildings.

And yet there is a special place right here. Because all factors that determine daily life are combined here: living, shopping, work and recreation. In the north the residential area, in the south a commercial focus for local supply and the river Lahn and its beautiful landscapes for local recreation. West and east determine the factor labor through industrial areas.

The challenge: Create a new representative "city entrance" - a place of first perception, full of character and valuable to give the city of Limburg a first excellent impression.



Create a new place. Establish with two free-standing building complexes a sophisticated real estate ensemble that creates a place with an unmistakable character and at the same time forms a gateway to the city of Limburg.

A new gateway to Limburg. With the new Gemini Plaza visitors reaching Limburg from the west can get a first perfect impression of the city of Limburg. From now on the city begins HERE. The Gemini Plaza creates attractiveness towards the main road and invites visitors to stop-over, shop and have a cup of coffee. To the north, a panoramic view over the residential area unfolds.

Both buildings of the ensemble "speak to each other" about the architecture. The architecture is based on the classic modernism of the Bauhaus style - clear funcional design. At the same time curved facade lines offer constantly changing perspectives - exciting and harmonious at the same time.



Architecture as a "carrier" of urbanity.

1. Gateway to the city

The Gemini Plaza is the new gateway to the city of Limburg. As a striking building, it sends a clear message: the city begins HERE.

2. Real estate as a brand

The architecture of classic modernism characterizes the building ensemble and thus the entire area – a completely new place that contributes to the brand building of the city of Limburg.

3. Urban development

The Gemini Plaza creates a new place – provides impulses for the entire environment and thus contributes sustainably to urban development.

Gemini Plaza, Limburg
Gemini Plaza, Limburg
Gemini Plaza, Limburg
Gemini Plaza, Limburg
Gemini Plaza, Limburg
Gemini Plaza, Limburg
Gemini Plaza, Limburg
Gemini Plaza, Limburg



Floor area and usage

Gemini Plaza East
6000m2 Office space
2700m2 Fitness
1300m2 Retail trade
350m2 Gastronomy
400 Parking spaces
Gemini Plaza West
1500m2 Office space
800m2 Retail trade
250m2 Gastronomy
50 Micro Apartments
23 Condominiums
150 Parking spaces


Facts and figures

Total investment
35 million euros
Building application
April 2020
Start of building
November 2020
Summer 2022


Müller & Müller

The investor, who is also the owner of the property and the building owner of Gemini Plaza, is the renowned real estate investor Müller & Müller.

Müller & Müller

The Müller & Müller Group is an independent and owner-managed real estate investor who invests in different types of real estate properties nationwide.

Find out more about Müller & Müller Group at www.m-m-gruppe.de.