More Purchasing Power

In today´s urban competition, purchasing power can be both won and lost. What MESA stands for is more purchasing power.

In cooperation with the city, MESA is creating new and attractive sales space for a wide range of shopping facilities. And not only that, these new shopping facilities are integrated within a modern ‘lifestyle marketplace’ – a meeting place for communication, entertainment, catering, events and more.

MESA – more purchasing power.

Example: City Carree, Salzgitter

An annual loss of purchasing power amounting to 160m euros? These were the findings of a market study conducted on behalf of Salzgitter. To halt this migration of purchasing power, Salzgitter asked MESA to help.

The result: the new City Carree: 20,000mē of new retail space, full of attractive shops and stores.

Example: Bit Galerie, Bitburg

Market analyses revealed that 1 in 4 euros from Bitburg was lost to one of the surrounding towns. In other words, it was down to a lack of attractive shopping facilities that Bitburg was losing 54m euros – year after year.

But together with MESA, the city of Bitburg is bringing this purchasing power back to Bitburg – and perhaps even more... that is the declared aim. The solution they devised to change the situation is the city´s new Bit-Galerie.