Project Development

Every city and every location requires its own individual solutions when it comes to accomplishing cityscape integration, with the right mixture of retail units and tenants, building quality, design and architecture. MESA specialises in creating individual retail properties and integrating them within small and medium-sized cities.

Range of services

MESA´s activities not only comprise the development and realisation of shopping centres but actually begin with project development:

  • Inspecting sites and acquiring properties
  • Performing urban planning studies
  • Conducting use and infrastructure analyses
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Drawing up conceptual designs


MESA´s concepts are not only innovative and unique but fully conceived right from the start: from letting activities through to marketing, and including transport planning, technical facilities, structural calculations, fire prevention and extending to tendering and cost calculations. MESA´s network has specialised partners for all of these areas.

Letting activities comprise an essential component of our concept. We have for many years enjoyed a successful cooperation with Mr. Uwe Hillemeyer at Hillemeyer Immobilien GmbH.