Shopping Mall

Development & Construction

MESA is one of the leading specialist in development and construction of shopping malls. Being a professional developer of shopping malls for now more then 30 years MESA generates real additional value for cities simply by incorporating individual sophisticated shopping mall solutions into the urban areas. MESA is the name for: Planing, development and construction of valuable shopping malls.

Development of value-added shopping malls

From the very beginning the name MESA stood for professional planning, including pre-planning, determination of basics, negotiations, opening and conducting of tenders and final execution and construction of shopping malls.

Throughout the entire construction phase of shopping malls, outlets and speciality shop centers MESA professionally manages all steps beginning at the idea up to the hand-over of the keys. MESA´s project managers and architects take care of the urban area development planning, architectural service levels 1 up to 9, cost planning and controlling as well as tenant management.