underlines the city´s character

There is no such thing as a standard city, which is why there can never be a standard shopping centre solution that can be installed in any city at will. Every city has its own unique and unmistakeable character. It is the job of architecture to recognise this character, take it on board, and give it an object of focused expression.

At MESA, the purpose of architecture is to bring out a city´s unique and special features. To ensure that the city´s individuality and urban character is reflected in its buildings.


turns the city into a brand

MESA architects not only manage to integrate large retail premises calmly and tastefully into the cityscape, into the city´s character, but they also succeed in developing something unique, something unmistakeably individual. A unique attraction for the city and one that turns the city into a brand.

At MESA, architecture turns the city into a brand attraction guaranteed.