Urban Development

Urban development has a future when the city is able to successfully assert itself among the competition. This requires active urban development.

MESA plays an active role in urban development. It does this by creating attractive retail premises, modern marketplaces that help the city to assert itself among the competition.

Creating a visitor magnet

MESA creates new „marketplaces”, new meeting spaces for young and old. Meeting spaces that offer more than just shopping but also entertainment, food and drink, events, and relaxed communication. MESA develops modern marketplaces where life isn´t just lived but where people choose to be. MESA builds visitor magnets.

The outcome of a visitor magnet is an attractive city centre filled with new life, that continues to attract others and sometimes even manages to trigger a small regional boom.

A successful visitor magnet can revitalise an entire neighbourhood. The local inhabitants get to know and appreciate their city all over again.

Creating identity

If the city is a mirror of society, its buildings are the common rooms in which a variety of activities take place they are the stages upon which social structures are lived out. Buildings create identity when they reflect the themes concerning society an identity with the place in which they are built.

This means that the city´s inhabitants will discover a new sense of identity. They will become reacquainted with it, and they may come to be proud of and even love their city.

Giving new impulses

Tailor-made shopping centres by MESA have a magnetic effect. They attract more people into the city centre. This revitalisation of the inner city sets off a new chain of impulses that impacts on the entire region around the city. It is not uncommon for these impulses to motivate property owners and retailers in the surrounding area into freshening up their appearance, revamping their product presentations and updating their range.

These new impulses make the city even more attractive, which in turn leads to even more people visiting the city and more purchasing power. A win-win situation for the city centre and the city as a whole, not to mention its retailers.

City centres live from a thriving retail sector. And retail lives from a thriving city centre. An attractive city centre needs an attractive range of retail facilities.