About MESA

The brand MESA stands for unique real-estate projects, not only specifically coordinated to reflect a city´s character, but also of high architectural value and with secure returns.

Parkgalerie Leichlingen

Since 1997, architect Bernhard Reiser has been realising unmistakeable real-estate projects under the brand name of MESA. MESA develops and manages new sites and projects for the property industry as well as private and institutional investors.

Rheinberg Passage

We supervise our projects right from the start and right up to the turnkey handover of the building, from site acquisition through to project development, urban land-use planning and architectural planning to project management, realisation, and tenant care.

Over the last 25 years, architects and engineers, employees and shareholders of MESA, have realized more than 60 projects. This vast experience in the development and implementation of commercial properties is what forms the foundation of the work performed by MESA.

1.2 Mio sqm operating area

500 Mio € investment


60 projects

MESA: unique real-estate projects, reflecting a city┬┤s character with high architectural value and stable ROI.