Bernhard Reiser

Architect with passion

Bernhard Reiser

"When I come into a city, I try and breathe with it, absorb its rhythm and feel its heartbeat. Only then can I discern a city's character and the values that lie within it. That is what guides me to a city's roots and shows me its possibilities."

Bernhard Reiser


1997 - 2022 MESA, Stuttgart
More than 60 projects nationwide: retail parks, shopping centers, shopping centers, hotels, office / administration, urban development. Project development, development plans, building applications, implementation planning, site management.
1987 - 1997 SEPA, Stuttgart
Fourteen projects throughout Germany. Shopping and speciality shopping centres. Design, planning, realisation and project management.
1984 - 1987 Freelance architect
Community centre with integrated supermarket, restaurant, event rooms and petrol station, Bryan College Station, Texas, USA. Design, planning, site management, realisation.
1983 - 1984 Architekturbüro Otto Jäger
Residential complex, Denver, Colorado, USA. Development draft planning, implementation planning.
1982 - 1984 Büro PSS / Weidleplan
Baghdad International Fair. Draft planning, implementation planning.
1980 - 1982 Archiplan, Stuttgart
Urban residential complex, Sindelfingen. Draft planning, implementation planning, site management.
1978 - 1980 Bockemühl & Partners, Stuttgart
Anthroposophical clinic, Nurses' dormitory, Nursing home for the elderly. Execution planning, construction management.



1.2 Mio sqm operating area

500 Mio € investment


60 projects