BERO Center Oberhausen

Since 1997, architect Bernhard Reiser has been implementing the special philosophy of projects for retail in urban development under the MESA brand.

MESA develops new urban locations and neighbourhood projects for the real estate industry, private and institutional investors throughout Germany and Europe. From site acquisition, project development to urban land use planning, architects - planning services to project management, realization and tenant support, we accompany our projects from the beginning to the turnkey handover and commissioning of the objects.

Hof Galerie

Since its foundation in 1997, architects and engineers, employees and shareholders of MESA, have provided services for over 60 realized projects in the last 25 years. This pool of development and realization competence for commercial real estate forms the foundation of MESA's work - for projects that have already been realized and are currently in development and planning.

Perceiving, proactively implementing and planning the changes in society and the market responsibly is the guiding principle of our work to create sustainable projects: the development of holistic projects anchored in urban development.


Bringing the values of a city to the market through projects.

Brands and Competition.

Projects for trade in urban development.

Cities – Buildings – Use – People.

If the city is a reflection of society, the buildings are the common rooms in which the diverse interwoven activities take place – they are the stages on which social structures are lived. Buildings in which holistic social issues are reflected create identification with the place where they are located.

Urban development with a future is when the city is successful in the competition.

The city as a brand – the buildings as a brand.

The architecture is intended to turn the building into a brand.

The architecture should not be based on the usual, but on the special and unique.

The interweaving of project development with architectural services is the common thread – from the idea to the realization. The creative profile of the team is in line with the economic view of what is feasible.

MESA represents the interests of the investor and the city.


1.2 Mio sqm operating area

500 Mio € investment


60 projects