Aubach Park


Aubach Park


Waldsolms, Germany
Planned commercial space
approx. 2.200 m²
Planned living space
approx. 6.500 m²
Parking spaces
approx. 150 lots
approx. 24 Mio EUR
Project type
District development
Type of use
District development with hypermarket, drugstore, beverage market, senior apartments and recreation park.
Project status
in planning
BHK Immobilien GmbH, Lenggries
Aubach Park, Waldsolms

Living - Services - Trade

In Aubach Park, we bring together at one location all the original uses of an urban development community: housing, services and trade - and thus create a lively space for the people.

Bernhard Reiser, Architect

Aubach Park, Waldsolms


Research has shown that in Waldsolms and its catchment area there is a need for special forms of housing, for example for seniors, assisted living, day care, etc.

We close this gap with a residential complex of around 6,500m², combined with a small demand-oriented, integrated park. In this size, the residential complex will be able to comprise about 100 residential units.

Conceptually, the residential complex with its "Living area" is oriented towards the south - towards nature and peace.

Aubach Park, Waldsolms

Shopping and services

The currently existing building complex is undergoing a complete change: sales area is being realigned, redesigned and expanded. Furthermore an additional specialist store complements the existing food market.

Furthermore, the entire façade will be moved and redesigned and the shop window front will be completely modernized. Thus, the entire complex "shopping and service" is clearly becoming more attractive. A plus for anchor tenants, a plus for the well-frequented supplementary offer, such as the boutiques, tanning salon, ice cream shop. And finally, a big plus for the citizens of Walssolms.

Aubach Park, Waldsolms


Shopping & Services

  • Food retail market
  • Drugstore
  • Beverage market
  • Tanning salon, photo, driving school, ...
  • Parking spaces

Residential & Living

  • Senior-friendly apartments
  • Recreation park
  • Bistro / Café (optional)
  • Hairdresser (optional)

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