Deggs Shopping Mall


Deggs Shopping Mall


Deggendorf, Germany
Lot size
approx. 13.000 m²
Operating area
approx. 11.000 m²
Parking spaces
approx. 400 lots
approx. 10 Mio EUR
Project type
Shopping Mall, Refurbishment
Type of use
Extensive shopping offer with a wide range of goods, plus selected experience gastronomy.
Project status
in planning
PATRIZIA Deutschland GmbH, München
Shopping Mall Deggs, Deggendorf

Best location awaits best shopping experience

Despite its prime location, the DEGGs shopping centre has been suffering for years from increasing vacancy rates and a continuous loss of purchasing power.

The question is: How can an outdated shopping mall be revived? Or what are the main reasons? The analysis carried out by MESA revealed two main causes:

1. Missing crossing
2. poor parking

Shopping Mall Deggs, Deggendorf


The new DEGGs: meeting point, lounge with restaurants, shopping, other gastronomic facilities, bars, market character, a mixture of freshness and gastronomy:

  • Opening of the shopping mall to the west on both levels with a new unique glass architecture
  • Complete redesign and reoccupation of the basement with anchor tenants for daily needs, food and drugstore
  • Redesign and reoccupation of the vacancies in the mall to the city center and refreshment of the center entrance there
  • Redesign and upgrading of the entrance area of Lateinschulgasse with conversion and reoccupation as well as refreshment of the façade
Shopping Mall Deggs, Deggendorf

District development

In the sense of the further positive inner city development and from this the entire city, the location of the DEGG offers ideal conditions - it forms the joint between the historic old town and the new Weststadt.

In the future, DEGGs will not only be a trading location, but exactly the right place where you want a building with a variety of uses - a communication place, a meeting place, an urban lounge.

Shopping Mall Deggs, Deggendorf

The new DEGGs - perfectly integrated

Perfect urban development: The opening of the DEGG to the west enables passage from the city centre and thus gives the center a boost in frequency – on both levels.

The heart of the project is the 2-storey, attractive, glazed entrance structure facing west to the street space. There, DEGGs refers to the new development of an office tower on the opposite side of the street in terms of urban development.

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