Gemini Plaza


Gemini Plaza


Limburg, Germany
Planning application
Februar 2022
Start of construction
End of 2024
EUR 60 Mio
Project type
District development / Business Center
Type of use
Urban district complex with business center, public offices, shopping, gastronomy, living and underground parking.
Project status
in construction
Investor / Client
Müller & Müller Gruppe, Limburg
Limburg Gemini Plaza

New gateway to city center

„A new place is born ...”

The Gemini Plaza creates a new place with an unmistakable character, with value and class. It forms a new entrance to the city of Limburg, creates urbanity and provides lasting impetus for future urban development.

Gemini PLaza Immobilien-Entwicklung

a new place is born

The vision

Create a new place. To create an ensemble with two free-standing building complexes that creates a place with an unmistakable character and at the same time forms a new gateway to the city of Limburg.

The new gateway to Limburg. For visitors coming from the west, the Gemini Plaza offers a valuable first impression of the city of Limburg. The city begins HERE. The Gemini Plaza creates attractiveness towards the main road and invites you to shop and linger. The panoramic view of the residential area unfolds to the north.

Both buildings speak to each other through architecture and design. The architecture is based on the classic modernism of the Bauhaus style - clear, no-frills design. At the same time curved facade lines that offer constantly changing perspectives - exciting and harmonious at the same time.


Architecture as a carrier of urbanity

1. Gateway to the city: The Gemini Plaza is the new gateway to the city of Limburg. As a striking building, it makes a special statement: "This is where the city begins".

2. Building as a brand: The architecture of classic modernism characterizes the building ensemble and thus the entire area - a completely new place that contributes to the branding of the city of Limburg.

3. Urban development: The Gemini Plaza creates a new place - gives impetus to the entire environment and thus makes a lasting contribution to urban development.

Gemini Plaza Ost und Gemini Plaza West

District of the future

Versatile use

Gemini Plaza West

  • 800m2 retail space / services
  • 250m2 gastronomy
  • 100 apartments
  • 150 parking lots

Gemini Plaza East

  • 10.000m2 office space
  • 1800m2 retail space
  • 350m2 gastronomy
  • 400 parking lots

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