Kilian Center


Kilian Center


Hallstadt, Germany
Lot size
approx. 40.000 m²
Operating area
approx. 12.000 m²
Parking spaces
720 lots
Project type
Refurbishment / Retail park & Outlet
Type of use
Refurbishment of retail park with large consumer market, drugstore, gastronomy, bakery, pharmacy, hairdresser, optician, lotto toto, fitness center.
Project status
in planning
Kilian Center, Hallstadt

Complete refurbishment

We carry out a complete conversion. New concept, new type of use, new offers and services for the people of Hallstadt.

Bernhard Reiser, Architect

Kilian Center, Hallstadt

The project

Status quo: A plot in an excellent location, but built with an old, unattractive and unsightly building complex and pure mono occupancy. A location that is far below value with the current yield.

A complete refurbishment is necessary - with a new building concept, for more utility value and more attractiveness.

Kilian Center, Hallstadt

Range of services

Wholesale market range

  • Grocery / Discounter
  • Drugstore
  • Housewares
  • Beverage Market
  • Textile & Fashion
  • Toys
  • Automotive Accessories / Bicycle Parts

Retail range

  • Flower shop
  • Lotto-Toto
  • Bakery / Snack Bar
  • Hairdresser
  • Pharmacy
  • Glasses & Jewelry
  • Locksmith
Kilian Center, Hallstadt

Wider range, more benefits

The location, due to its good location, is excellent and deserves to maintain a building that offers more than just mono occupancy by a hypermarket.

The refurbishment eliminates the current mono occupancy and replaces it with a broad, diverse range of products. More benefits, more attractiveness, more attraction and more customer frequency will follow.

Kilian Center, Hallstadt

Our mission

La Française Germany has commissioned MESA to carry out conceptual investigations and develop variants for re-occupancy through refurbishment and redesgin. The goal: to increase the overall profitability of the property at the location while weighing up a sustainable, low-risk tenant mix.

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