Essen, Germany
Lot size
approx. 2.560 m²
Usable space
approx. 12.600 m²
Amount of units
90 appartments
62 lots
approx. 28 Mio. EUR
Project type
Retirement real estates / district development
Type of use
Mixed-use district development: Retirement real estate, appartments, restaurant, pharmacy, underground parking spaces.
Project status
in planning
HK3 GmbH, Stuhr
Initial view

In the middle of the city center: an unused, derelict, ugly parking garage, a gray, neglected concrete block, an eyesore in the middle of the city of Essen / Borbeck.

The obvious question: How do you remove this eyesore and reclaim the property as an impetus for a prosperous and lively city center?

Current situation

Parkhaus Rechtstrasse Essen Borbeck

The location, in the middle of the city center of the Essen-Borbeck district, a few steps from the pedestrian zone, between the pedestrian zone and the main thoroughfare, Borbecker Straße, currently used as a derelict, ugly parking garage, a gray, neglected concrete block, an eyesore in the middle of the city , on a plot of just 2,500 m², surrounded by streets, virtually an island in the city.

NeW Rechtstrasse

Place of security

A new place of security is being created in the middle of the lively city of Essen. The heart of the new residential complex: a green oasis invites you to relax and meet.

At the same time, the central location of the residential complex offers its residents city life right on their doorstep.

Rechtstrasse, Essen
Rechtstrasse, Essen

An urban highlight

The new RECHTSTRASSE building complex provides a decisive impetus for environmentally and humanely friendly inner city development, contributes to recognition and supports brand building. In short: a new urban development highlight.

Urban planning significance

Gate to the city center

From an urban planning perspective, the project location is particularly important. It marks the main traffic access to the city center and pedestrian zone and at the same time opens up the southern residential area.

In conjunction with the existing high-rise buildings opposite, the new residential complex forms a perfect urban building ensemble. Together these form the new “gateway to the city center”.


Impulse for branding

The currently rather modest and unspectacular Borbecker Straße is being given a real upgrade thanks to the new RECHTSTRASSE – a real highlight – a landmark, an address: "The city center begins here."

The attractive appearance of the building actively contributes to urban branding – supports recognition value and provides a sustainable impulse for future urban development.


Architectural integration

Thanks to the 3-tiered height gradation, the building integrates harmoniously into the surrounding urban architecture. The low part of the building in the west not only favors sunlight and light – it also welcomes visitors to the city center with a view of an inviting green terrace. The second part of the building rises in a circular shape, similar to the course of the street, with another green roof terrace, followed by the third part of the building, the urban development high point. The result: uniqueness in the Essen / Borbeck district, which is currently rather uninviting.

Rechtstrasse, Essen
Rechtstrasse, Essen

Building concept

We are creating a building that is truly worth living in - an oasis of well-being in the middle of a pulsating and often noisy city - with lots of greenery, ecologically valuable, environmentally friendly, people-friendly. We are bringing “green” back to the heart of urbanism - we are re-creating a balance between people and nature.

In harmony with nature

A large, light-flooded inner garden courtyard in the south, a spacious, planted roof terrace on the west wing of the building and another equally planted roof terrace on the north wing. Virtually in all directions there is an actual, «green» building. A building truly in harmony with nature.

Livable city center

Needs-oriented mix-used in combination with professional district development as an impulse for a livable city center.

Apartment offers

  • Senior apartments
  • Shared apartments
  • Assisted living
  • Garden courtyard
  • Green roof terraces

Versatile service offering

  • Cafe / restaurant
  • Fitness rooms and offices
  • Outpatient service / physiotherapy / medical supply store
  • Office space for service and administration
Rechtstrasse, Essen

Architecture and design

Form, architecture and design are based on the philosophy of „a quiet home, a place with protection and security for older citizens in the middle of a lively, pulsating city“.

The core and heart of the building is the internal garden courtyard. A place of peace and encounter. The architectural shell wraps around this to protect it.

The architecture of classical modernism, the horizontal, curved bands protect the interior and protect from the noisy city. At the same time, these emphasize the dynamic, flowing movement of the adjacent streets.

Rechtstrasse, Essen

valuable living space

  • soothing
  • green
  • worth living
Rechtstrasse, Essen

First-class traffic management

Traffic access takes place from the east via Borbecker Straße. The “right-in-right-out” principle ensures smooth entry and exit into the parking decks. The open garage offers around 62 parking spaces - exclusively for residents, visitors and employees of the seniors' residence.

Deliveries of any goods for e.g. restaurants, laundry etc. as well as disposal also take place according to the same principle via the farm on our own property on Borbecker Straße.

For driving services, taxis, ambulances, etc., there are 3 additional short-term parking spaces available directly at the main entrance on Rechtstraße Nord, the city center side of the building.

Rechtstrasse, Essen
Rechtstrasse, Essen

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