Shopping Outlet


Jever, Germany
Operating area
approx. 12.500 m²
Parking spaces
approx. 500 lots
approx. 17 Mio EUR
Project type
Shopping Outlet
Type of use
Shopping outlet with family center, drugstore and electronics store.
Project status
realized in 2006
Strabag Real Estate, Hamburg
Famila Center Jever

The Project

On behalf of STRABAG, MESA developed the "Shopping Outlet Jever" project – from concept to planning to completion. The result is the "Famila Center" project, with a Famila hypermarket, a drugstore and an electronics store.

Famila Center Jever

Architecture as a brand

We decided against the usual clinker architecture in the region, as a clinker façade, about 50m away from the main road, virtually disappears in the fog in the often cloudy, East Frisian weather, and therefore an architecture was chosen "that shines" – in all weathers.

Therefore, a high-quality, bright red façade with large-format metal panels was chosen, which, in conjunction with the lighting architecture, makes a unique brand between the location and the building.

Famila Center Jever


  • best location
  • optimal traffic connection
  • architecture with signal effect
  • strengthening the city's market area
  • 500 parking lots

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