Real estate objects must not only follow a current design on the pulse of time - MESA goes the decisive step further and conceives real estate designs of the day after tomorrow.

Marken- und Designentwicklung

Creative design for the real estate worlds of tomorrow

Whether single real estate property, multi-use real estate complex, district development or urban development. At the end, it is about the character building of the city: creating spaces with intersections and nodes, places for encounters beyond confusion, always individually tailored to the respective city - tailored to the respective location.

To achieve this, MESA's qualified architects, interior designers and communication designers put a lot of heart and soul and expertise into creating the real estate worlds of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Marken- und Designentwicklung

Creative Services

No matter which asset class – whether office, residential, hotel, shopping, education, public facilities, leisure or mixed use – MESA develops a clear and unmistakable brand concept for every project, consisting of:

  1. Design – Cocnept
  2. Architecture & Design – Solutions
  3. Concept and master planning
  4. Brand development

Design - Concept

What kind of real estate project is it? What is the objective? What is its target group? What is the immediate environment like? What does the location and the city express?

In addition to data-based analyses, the first design concept is preceded by the development of a feeling, a feeling for the new real estate project.

  • Target group analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Analysis of the traffic situation
  • B-Plan and Urban Planning Analysis
  • Development and definition of project goals

Architecture & Design – Solutions

What should the real estate project look like? What is it meant to express? How should it feel? And in particular: Does it fit into the existing architectural environment in terms of design?

With a lot of design excellence, we create real estate complexes with an unmistakable character - valuable in terms of architecture and design.

  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Lighting Interior and furniture design
  • Facades & Outdoor Facilities
  • Landscape architecture

Concept and master planning

How can lots and areas be used optimally? Which concept promises more returns? Which concept is preferred by citizens?

The planning phases of MESA take into account all aspects: design as well as structural and also financial:

  • Concept planning
  • Function planning
  • Master Plans
  • Rental plans
  • Preliminary building enquiries
  • Cost planning
  • ...

Brand development

How should the real estate project be perceived by the target group and the market in general? What language should the property speak? How much can it stand out?

The architecture does not have to be based on the usual, but on the special and unique of the city. Architecture turns the building into a brand and thus also makes the city a brand. MESA develops an unmistakable brand concept for every real estate project.

  • Graphic and communication design
  • Naming, logo development and branding
  • Storytelling
  • Presentations
  • Project Communication
  • ...

1.2 Mio sqm operating area

500 Mio € investment


60 projects

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