Districts of the future will impress with their comprehensive mixed use. Modern apartments, office space, hotels, leisure facilities, restaurants, daycare centers, shopping, meeting points,... – all-in-one.

Urban district development

City districts - Lively urban centres

By means of future-oriented districts, MESA develops lively urban centers that combine the functions of living, working, shopping and leisure in a unique way.

The focus is always on moving everything that touches people's living conditions back to the inner cities, or to locations close to the city center that are well connected.

Urban district development

Mixed Use - an opportunity for the city

Mixed use affects not only trade and gastronomy, but all types of use – leisure facilities, sports facilities, cultural institutions, offices, administrations, any kind of service facilities – i.e. bundling of all uses. This is the only way to create synergy and coupling effects between different uses and industries – through the interaction on the one hand by the visitors and customers of the respective institutions and on the other hand by the people working and living there.

When customers, visitors and those working there spend their money in the city, it stays in the city. Through all these activities, movements, communication and purchasing power, all the potential remains in the city, making it vibrant, diverse and attractive – an opportunity for the city.

Development of holistic districts

Crucial for the development of holistic districts: a comprehensive mix of different types of use. Times in which inner cities only served a mono-use, such as shopping or office, are over.

MESA develops new holistic concepts, encompassing all types of use. For example, districts with apartments on supermarkets with integrated green areas and water areas, office space next to catering units, combined with public facilities such as city library.

Holistic district developments from MESA are characterized by a demand-oriented mixed-use, optimized land consumption for optimal land use. Individual, city-specific potentials for densification and urbanization are discovered and realized.

Urban district development

Urban District solutions from MESA

At the beginning of a holistic urban district solution, MESA provides a needs analysis - an analysis of the location with regard to its strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, an individual concept for the respective district with elements from all types of use is carried out:

  • Real estate flats
  • Office space and commercial space
  • Educational institutions and day-care centres
  • Gastronomy, such as restaurant, bar, cafes
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Green and water areas, such as parks
  • Integration of public transport facilities
  • Integration of e-mobility


Districts of the future will impress with their balanced mixed use.

Trade, facilities for education, leisure, pleasure, administration, housing as well as work and commerce are combined in a demand-oriented district.

In this way, every district of MESA becomes lively, liveable and lovable.

1.2 Mio sqm operating area

500 Mio € investment


60 projects

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