Urban development with a future is when the city can successfully assert itself in the competition. Active urban development is in demand. MESA actively intervenes in urban development. To this end, MESA realizes attractive retail properties, modern marketplaces that help the city to assert itself in competition.

Urban development

Creating a visitor magnet

MESA creates new "marketplaces", new meeting places for young and old. Meeting places that offer more than shopping: entertainment, events, food, drink and relaxed communication. MESA develops modern marketplaces where life not only takes place, but concentrates. MESA installs visitor magnets.

The result of a visitor magnet: An attractive city centre with new life, with a pulling effect and sometimes even triggering a small regional boom.

A visitor magnet can revitalize an entire district. And the citizens get to know and appreciate their city "anew".

Creating identity

If the city is a reflection of society, the buildings are the common rooms in which a variety of activities take place – they are the stages on which social structures are lived. Buildings in which all social issues can be found create identification – identification with the place where they stand.

The citizens of the city will re-identify with their city. They will get to know their city anew, be proud of it and often learn to love it anew.

Setting impulses

Tailor-made shopping centers from MESA create a magnetic effect. They attract more people to the city center. This revitalization of the city center sets a decisive impulse that has an impact on the entire city region. Not infrequently, this impulse causes surrounding property owners and retailers to bring their appearance, product presentation and assortment up to date.

Consequence of the new impulse: even more attractiveness. Even more visitors. Even more purchasing power. A win-win situation for the city, the center and the existing retail trade.

Inner cities thrive on vital trade. And trade thrives on vital inner cities. An attractive city centre needs an attractive commercial offer.


1.2 Mio sqm operating area

500 Mio € investment


60 projects

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